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Leo Groarke

Leo Groarke is President and Professor of Philosophy at Trent University in Canada. He has been actively involved in the study and teaching of argumentation and informal logic for over thirty years. He is the author of many journal articles; of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on informal logic; of the popular text Good Reasoning Matters! (co-authored with Christopher Tindale); and the editor (with Jan Sobocan) of Critical Thinking, Education and Assessment: How can we test higher order thinking? Dr. Groarke is best known for his work on visual arguments and the role of visual images and other non-verbal elements in reasoning, argument and persuasion, a role that is highlighted in in digital communication. His scholarly work includes membership on a number of editorial boards, conference and institute leadership. He and Professor Tindale serve as editors-in-chief of the book series Windsor Studies in Argumentation.

Title of keynote speaker conference: "Modes of Arguing: Beyond the Printed Word"